Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ANYTHING is possible!

Hello milehiradio listeners!

This is Tarrah and Nancy here with our first blog entry for the show, Denver Nutritionistas!

Our Friday, 9am show on www.milehiradio.com has been a huge success with listeners around the globe!  Each week, we tackle a different subject in the nutrition/health and fitness world!  We answer your questions via Facebook, email and now - this new blog!  We give you tips, pointers, recipes, motivation, education and information to move YOUR goals into RESULTS!

A little about your hosts:

Tarrah Speer Lee is a self proclaimed health fanatic....but she wasn't always.  6 years ago after years of depression from being obese, binge eating cycles, bad relationships with food and alcohol, high blood sugar, cholesterol and overall bad health STILL wasn't enough to propel her into the world of good health.  After losing her Father at age 25 from an unhealthy life that led to heart failure, Tarrah decided it was time to change her life.

She began slowly - working out with a trainer 2-3x a week but never truly achieved the weight loss she desired because she wasn't changing her poor eating habits spawned by emotions rather than real hunger.  She decided to begin researching healthy eating and started by replacing ingredients in her favorite food with healthier alternatives.  Cooking became a passion and eventually, she came to a point where she realized that eliminating processed foods, sugars and alcohol and eating clean, natural foods made her not only FEEL amazing, but look amazing too and reach her fitness goals!  After 3 years she had dropped 60lbs and set a new goal: a fitness competition.  She competed for the first time last July in The Colorado State NPC competition taking 1st in her class.  It was an unbelievable dream come true and something she never thought she could achieve.

Tarrah holds her undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and her MBA in International Business.  She left the corporate world behind 3 years ago to train clients which eventually led her to be a Director of Fitness at a health facility and now run her own business, Denver Nutritionista, personal training and nutrition consultations.  Tarrah wants to help clients like her realize that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE and that they too could achieve their ultimate health and fitness goals!  She started as host of her own Show, Denver Nutritionista, in May of 2012 on milehiradio.com to share her passion and knowledge with the worldwide listeners of milehiradio and is currently working on a weight loss website to expand her knowledge and passion to the worldwide audience.

Nancy Bowlin describes herself as an average American woman.  She says she is not genetically blessed or lucky and has never believed she is the prettiest, the smartest nor possesses any special talent in sports.  She doesn't spend all day at the gym, is shy and introverted.  She has hypothyroid, gluten intolerance and chronic fatigue ....and to add to that - menopausal!  She has a full time corporate desk job , a husband, 3 kids, a dogs, family and friends - which all require time and attention too.

In early 2010 at 50 years old, she found herself in the worst physical shape of her life.  She was, according to her doctor, 'very overweight' at 34% bodyfat and flat on her back in bed with acute mononucleosis.  She spent several months in a state of complete physical exhaustion, sleeping 20 hours a day with no signs of improvement and being told by medical professionals to learn to 'accept having fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for life.'  But she refused to accept this diagnosis.  She was SICK of being sick and tired!  She decided it was time to make some drastic changes to her lifestyle.  In August, 2010, her plan to accomplish this goal was to commit to a clean, non processed eating plan and consistent exercise including strength training with weights and cardiovascular exercise as well.

Balancing all these important people and responsibilities and new priorities to health and fitness certainly wasnt easy for Nancy but she can guarantee to anyone that it IS all worth it!  Nancy entered her first fitness competition as a Figure competitor in May of 2011 and won Pro status in July of 2012 at age 52!  Her success and accomplishments have come from her commitment to clean nutrition and a relentless dedication to hard work and continuous improvement both physically and mentally.  She has experienced bumps in the road, obstacles and even set backs that required courage, patience, and perseverance to overcome.  But through these obstacles, she has learned important lessons and places a high value on continuous improvements and a constant state of learning and growth.

Nancy holds her undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Business Administration.  She has been in the Aerospace Engineering industry for over 30 years and loves her career, her family, her friends and her healthy lifestyle.

Nancy hopes her journey will inspire others and believes if people believe in themselves, they too can achieve the health and wellness results, increased strength, youthful vitality, energy and harmony in their lives at any age.


Tarrah and Nancy, the Denver Nutritionistas, want EVERYONE to know that weight loss, good health, fitness goals - ALL are possible!  You DON'T have to be a fitness competitor or even strive to be one!  Nancy and Tarrah met through competing and shared a commonality for their poor health pasts and desire to inspire others through their stories.

It doesn't matter what your goal is, why you want to lose weight, why you want to begin your lifestyle change or introduce clean nutrition in your life or to your family - all that matters is you CAN do it - and we are here to help!

In Health,

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